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About Me

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My name is Mounia and i’m a qualified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant. I use gentle methods that are family led with a tailored support plan that incorporates all your needs for the transition to better sleep.I love helping families reach their sleep goals and making that change to their lives, that for some never thought was possible. I work alongside you with no judgement, we lay out your goals for your child and together we will achieve it.

As a mother of one and soon to have my second I learnt all about sleep deprivation and the difficulties sleep can give you as a family. Silent reflux hit us hard in the first few months and then when everyone said sleep should come it never did! I remember thinking I had read eveything I needed when it came to what to expect. What I hadn’t realised is how important sleep was for my son and for the whole family. The tools I learnt from a sleep consultant we hired changed our lives, we went from broken sleep to all night sleep. The tools of understanding your child’s sleep and how to navigate the tricky parts is something I am so passionate to share with families.I believe each family should be able to strive and not dread the word sleep!

If you feel like you need support and would like to talk it through, book in for a 15 minute free discovery call where we can discuss your goals and how I can support you in achieving them.

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