Terms & Conditions

  1. The purchase of a Sleep Package will be deemed as acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

  2. The full fee for Mounia Sleep Consultant services is due on booking your Consultation with Mounia Sleep Consultant.

  3. If the Sleep Programme is cancelled by the Client (the payer and receiver of the consultation) the following terms and conditions apply:

  4. Less than 24 hours’ notice – no amount will be refunded

  5. 24-48 hours’ notice – 50% of full amount will be refunded

  6. More than 48 hours’ notice – 100% will be refunded to the client

  7. If a Client demonstrates exceptional circumstances as the reason for a cancellation within 48 hours of the booking time, Mounia Sleep Consultant will review this on a case by case basis.

  8. Mounia Sleep Consultant reserves the right to cancel Consultations at short notice due to personal circumstances. In the event of this happening the Client will be offered a full refund or alternative dates to reschedule the consultation.

  9. With regards to the sleep plan provided by Mounia Sleep Consultant to the Client, the Client consents not to share the Programme with any non-client third party and understands this has been tailored for their child.

  10. Advice given by Mounia Sleep Consultant is intended as advice related to sleep only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a GP or other medical expert.

  11. Mounia Sleep Consultant advises to the best of their ability, experience and training but does not accept responsibility or liability for sleep and behavioural work that does not achieve the desired result following the Consultations process.

  12. If the Client’s child has an underlying health condition, Mounia Sleep Consultant reserves the right to not proceed with the Consultation. If this is the case, the Client will receive a full refund.

  13. Depending on the package purchased Mounia Sleep Consultant is contactable at any time during the day but will respond when possible, as soon as possible after receipt of the contact from the Client, notwithstanding personal circumstances/holidays.

  14. Mounia Sleep Consultant reserves the right to cease the provision of support in exceptional circumstances, including but not limited to: abuse or harassment from a Client.

  15. Mounia Sleep Consultant reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time.