Frequently Asked Questions

A Child Sleep Consultant is someone that specialises in understanding children’s sleep. They identify what changes need to be made to promote a good routine and have your child sleeping well.

There are many different approaches that work for other sleep consultants but cry it out is not within my practice. I have a gentle, family led approach where i use comforting through change™ to help support your child to be on the path to sleep.

I work within the range of 5months-6 years old.

There will be tears as children do not like change but this is short lived, i am there to support you and so is my plan to help you achieve your goal.

There is never a guarantee but i am very confident that if you work with me and you fully commit, you are consistent and follow my plan you will achieve your desired results.

Unfortunately we do not have payment plans at the moment

Indeed there are additional support bundles you can add on. We can discuss this prior to your support ending and see what works for you.